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The Mix44 from Whirlwind/U.S. Audio is a high-quality rack mountable matrix mixer for audio mixing and distribution. It supports four line-level channels, with all input and output connections made via XLR connectors. There are four master channels, each with master and individual volume controls, and clip LEDs.

Each of the four outputs can be sent to the front-panel VU meter and headphone jack for monitoring individually or in combination. Rear-panel switches allow you to operate the mixer as two 4x2 matrices should the need arise. A ground-lift switch is also provided to reduce hum caused by ground loops.

  • Rugged rack mountable housing
  • Four channels of I/O on balanced XLR connectors
  • High-impedance for bridging without loading
  • Easy-to-use front-panel controls include four master volume control knobs and sixteen individual level controls
  • Front-panel headphone jack with level control lets you monitor channels individually or in combination
  • Front-panel LED VU meter
  • Ground-lift switch helps reduce hum
  • Can be configured to operate as two 4x2 matrices

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