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The WRR-840A UHF (794.125-805.875Mhz) synthesized diversity tuner is a tuner for an 800 MHz band UHF wireless microphone system to be used for broadcast or movie production purposes. A UHF wireless microphone system incorporating either a WRT-810A UHF synthesized wireless microphone or a WRT-820A UHF synthesized transmitter, a WD-802A UHF antenna divider (not necessarily required), a WRR-820A/WRR-840A UHF synthesized diversity tuner and AN-820A UHF antennas is capable of operation on 94 selectable channels.

The WRR-840A incorporates two tuner blocks called tuner 1 and tuner 2 each of which can operate on 94 selectable channels independently. The WRR-802A consists of only one tuner block. Since it has pair of distributed antenna output connectors, you can connect another WRR-820A/840A unit with out requiring an antenna divider.


  • Phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizer enabling 94-channel selection
  • Preset channel groups for multichannel operation free of intermodulation
  • Channel setting storing function
  • Space diversity reception
  • Wide dynamic range and low noise
  • Tone squelch circuit for noise elimination
  • Mixing function
  • Power supplies for antenna built-in amplifiers
  • Rack mounting

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