Palmer PDICTC Valvolare Classic Tube Circuit DI Box

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Palmer PDICTC (Palmer Direct Injection-Box - Classic Tube Circuit)

The Palmer Tube DI-Box is intended for DI and preamp use. For the latter, a 4-band filter circuit has been integrated. The circuit design of the PDICTC is based on an electrically isolated true tube circuit with output transformer which provides a balanced signal at the XLR output connectors. There are no semiconductors throughout the entire signal path including the filter stage. The PDICTC is mains powered, and the integrated power supply generates the necessary tube voltages.

In addition to the standard parallel and balanced mic level outputs, the PDICTC also features both a balanced line level and a ¼" unbalanced low impedance output. The sound filter spans the bass, mid bass, high mids and highs. The filters are "musically" voiced, meaning that they are relatively broad band. A bell-shape filter characteristic has been chosen to prevent boosting undesirable subsonic frequencies as well as those beyond the audio range.

In order to exactly reproduce sound settings each and every time, Palmer decided on multi-stage switchable filters. Each band can be set to 0 dB, +4 dB or +8 dB via toggle switch. Essentially, the PDICTC circuit design is based on the idea of the shortest possible signal path in order to bring out the subtle tone characteristics of a tube in the best possible way. For this reason, the unit does not incorporate a volume control. Due to the unit's extended dynamic range, no limiting occurs before signal levels exceed +30 dBu at the line output. Thus, the PDICTC is suitable for all common instruments, such as bass guitars, electro-acoustic guitars, electric guitars (where a clean sound is desired), keyboards, synthesizers and many more.


Product type: DI Boxes

Type : active

Channels : 1

Inputs : 1

Input connectors : 6.3 mm jack

Max. input level : +4 dBu

Input impedance : 1 M Ohm(s)

Outputs : 3

Output connectors : 6.3 mm jack , XLR

Max. output level : +30 dBu

Output impedance : 6.3 mm Jack: < 1 k Ohm(s) , XLR Line: 600 Ohm(s) , XLR Mic: 200 Ohm(s)

Frequency response : 20 - 20000 Hz

Transformer balanced : Yes

Ratio : 10:1

Controls : ground lift , high , high mids , low , low-mids

Operating voltage : 230 / 115 V AC

Cabinet material : sheet steel/aluminium

Cabinet surface : powder coated/anodized

Width : 220 mm

Depth : 210 mm

Height : 88 mm

Weight: 2,79 kg


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