Palmer PDI 03 Speaker Simulator w/ Loadbox 4 Ohms

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The Palmer Speaker Simulator PDi 03 - available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 Ohm

The PDI03 Palmer speaker simulator combines load impedance, a signal splitter and DI box especially designed for guitars. All functions are optimised for live and recording applications.

Instead of being connected to a loudspeaker, the PDI03 is connected directly to the amplifier output. The signal is no longer picked up by a microphone, but after passing through a special filter section is fed directly into a mixing console, tape recorder, etc. This permits power amplifiers to be operated to saturation without troublesome volume problems.

Two switches select between the 9 filter presets simulating various types of speakers and enclosures. Open back 2 x 12'' combo or 4 x 12'' cabinet characteristics and the punch of a full-out stack with a graphic EQ ''V'' setting can be selected as well as ''American'' or ''British'' speakers and ultra brightness.

Four paralleled unfiltered outputs are available for further processing. Both filter and line out level are adjustable.

For live monitoring, speakers may be connected while the reactive load is automatically switched off. Power handling capacity is 100W RMS without speakers.

Product type Speaker Simulators
Channels 1
Input type unbalanced
Inputs 1
Input connectors 6.3 mm jack
Output type balanced , unbalanced
Outputs 2
Output connectors 6.3 mm jack , XLR
Output impedance 10 k (6.3 mm Jack) Ohm(s) , 600 (XLR) Ohm(s)
Controls filter volume , line out , voicing
Dummy load Yes
Dummy load impedance 4 Ohm(s)
Max. load 100 W
Voicing filter Yes
Power attenuator no
Transformer isolated outputs Yes
Cabinet material sheet steel/aluminium
Cabinet surface powder coated/anodized
Width 480 mm
Width 19 "
Depth 180 mm
Height 44.5 mm
Height 1 U
Weight 3 kg

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