Palmer PAN 05 Microphone Merger

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PAN 05

Microphone Merger

The PAN-05 enables you to patch two microphones into one single mixing desk channel in situations where you run out of channels. Since decoupling occurs via a balanced resistor network, the PAN-05 also lets phantom power “pass through”, useful for condenser microphones. However, due to the difference in sound and signal level, mixing dynamic and condenser mics should be avoided. Best results will be achieved using two identical mics.

Product type Merger
Type passive
Inputs 2
Input connectors XLR
Input impedance 200 Ohm(s)
Outputs 1
Output connectors XLR
Output impedance 200 Ohm(s)
Width 135 mm
Depth 60 mm
Height 35 mm
Cabinet material sheet steel
Cabinet surface Powder coated
Weight 0,26 kg

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