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New D.S.P. Technology Makes Digital Reverb Affordable and Easier to Use.

The Reverb Features You Need, with the Sound Quality You Demand.

Professional digital reverb performance is now available at a reasonable price thanks to new Digital Signal Processor LSI chip technology. D.S.P. brings to your guitar, keyboard, drums or other instrument the convincing reverb ambience that you seek—with the wide dynamic range, low noise, and low distortion required by today's music.-Program, 8-Time, plus "High Damp" Yields 128 Variations.

Choose a small hall. large hall, room, vocal plate, instruments plate. gated reverb, reversed reverb, or garage program. Then select from eight time options. Switch "high damp" on or off, to control the high frequency. In all, you have 128 acoustic environments at your fingertips. Easy and versatile. Extra Convenience with "Long" and "Cancel" Functions. In a flash, you can change from the current time setting to the longest reverb time—sort of like using a piano damper pedal. The revert) portion of the output can be cancelled instantly, leaving just the dry sound. Both these functions may be controlled by foot switches. giving you fast. positive command of your music. Large front panel controls provide easy access. A powerful on-stage tool.

Input Input level -20dBm
Impedance 10k£2
Max. clip level +5dBm
Output level -10dBm
Impedance 1k^2
Max. clip level +5dBm
Frequency response Direct 20Hz ~ 20kHz, ±1dB
Reverb 20Hz ~ 10Hz, + 1dB, -3dB
Dynamic range Direct 95dB (1HF-A)
Distortion Direct 0.01%

Reverb 0.05%

16 bit A/D linear conversion {1 ch)

16 bit D/A linear conversion (2 ch)
Power supply 117 V, 220V, or 240V 50/60Hz 7W
Dimension 19" (W) x 11.4" (D) x 1.7" (H) 1U
Weight 7 lb

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