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Product ID : DISTRIO-M-2115

Cardiline N/DYM®
Dynamic Shotgun Microphone

 The Model RE45N/D is a highly directional microphone utilizing a combination of characteristics of cardioid and distributed front opening designs. The microphone incorporates a revolutionary neodymium alloy magnet to provide high sensitivity and low weight. The exceptional sensitivity of the RE45N/D combined with the inherent low noise of a dynamic transducer insures a high signal-to-noise ratio necessary for those long reach applications. The transducer and integral high pass filtering have been designed to reduce most low frequency handling noises found in handheld applications. The cardioid action gives the microphone uniform characteristics for frequencies up to1,500 Hz. For frequencies above 1,500 Hz the distributed front openings take effect providing narrower directional characteristics as illustrated in the polar pattern, Figure 3. Extra care has been taken in adjusting the directional pattern of this microphone to provide smooth off-axis frequency response. Older design wave-interference microphone soften have a range peaks and dips in the off axis response. The irregular off-axis response of the older designs can create problems as the rejection varies widely as the microphone is moved only slightly due to the lobbing of the polar pattern. The smooth RE45N/D polar pattern makes the aiming of the microphone at the desired sound source less critical than those older design shotgun microphones while still providing better directivity than that of conventional unidirectional microphones. Benefits derived from this new design include wide range response, smooth polar response, high sensitivity and high directivity. These features make possible a working distance which is two to three times that of conventional directional microphones. The RE45N/D has been especially designed for handheld use and includes a switchable 250-Hz high-pass filter to further reduce wind and handling noise. The removable Warm-Grip handle is designed to fit over the microphone connector and the short handle of the microphone. 

  • Highly directional above 1500 Hz
  • High sensitivity–5mV/Pn
  • 250 Hz high pass filter
  • Cardioid polar pattern below 1500 Hz
  • Complete with windscreen and warm-grip™


Generating Element:
Frequency Response:
150 to 15,000 Hz (Far)
50 to 15,000 Hz (Close)
(See Figure 1)
Polar Pattern:
(See Figure 3)
600 ohms (nominal)
Output Level:
5 mV/Pascal at 1,000 Hz
-50 d B at 1,000 Hz
(0 dB =1mW/Pascal)
Hum Pickup Level:
-130 dBm typical at 60 Hz
in a 1 m Oe field
Magnetic Circuit:
N/DYMT® magnet in a non-welded
Case Material:
Aluminum, steel and high performance engineering plastics
292 mm (11.50 in.) long
48 mm (1.87 in.) diameter
Black, non-reflecting
Net Weight:
212 g. (7.5 oz.)
Microphone Connector:

Optional Accessories:
307A shock mount
312 microphone clamp

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