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The top models of the OPERA series 412 and 415 offer professional sound and high sound pressure thanks to high-quality speaker equipment and very powerful BiAmp amplifiers.

BiAmp amplifier

The Model 412 is equipped with a high quality BiAmp power amp. That means separate power amp channels are available for bass and tweeter, allowing for the active separation of the two paths through an integrated audio controller, which in addition to the separation also performs tasks such as frequency response correction and phase and time correction. The power amp can be optimally tuned to the speaker system for exceptional performance, especially when compared to passive speaker systems with external power amplifiers. The power amp has a power of 250 + 50 watts / RMS (600 watts program) and offers unique features such as three switchable sound setups, a module slot for expansion modules and allows the use of the optional infrared remote control RC-1.

Loudspeaker components

The OPERA 412 Modular is equipped with a specially developed, high-performance 12 "woofer and a 1" pressure chamber driver from the renowned manufacturer B & C. Both chassis convince by high efficiency and professional audio quality. The built-in high frequency horn in the housing provides a clean dispersion with 90 ° x60 °.

Multifunctional housing

The multifunctional housing of the OPERA series made of sturdy polypropylene material offers a wide range of possible applications. The backs of the casings are bevelled and thus allow use as a floor monitor. For use on a speaker stand, the OPERA series has a Ø35mm tripod flange on the underside incl. Locking screw. The top M-10 thread is designed to accept the optional WB02 wall mount.

Three speakers in one

So far, the decision for a speaker always depended on its application. The OPERA Modular series can be optimized for every application. The integrated audio controller in the OPERA 412 Modular offers three different sound setups for optimum adaptation to the respective application. The sound setups can be switched via a rear switch or via the optional remote control RC-1. Which sound setup is active is shown by the LED behind the front grille (green, orange or red).

Sound Setup 1: FLAT (Neutral)

The FLAT setting provides the typical, linear dB Technologies sound that is great for live music playback, offering high feedback strength and maximum sound pressure.

Sound Setup 2: Speech (Language)

In this setting, the frequencies relevant for speech are raised, the bass is lowered slightly. As a result, optimal speech intelligibility is achieved and enables optimal speech sonication even over long distances and in acoustically difficult rooms.

Sound Setup 3: Music

In the "Music" setup, the bass and treble frequencies are slightly raised (similar to a loudness circuit), providing a more hi-fi sound. Ideal for music playback from the canned, ie for DJs or for installation in pubs and discotheques.

Integrated module bay

The power module of the OPERA Modular series offers a module slot to accommodate optional expansion modules, such as wireless receiver or digital delay delay adjustment when the OPERA is to be used as a delay line (1-99m). Detailed information on the available expansion modules can be found under "Modular Module".

Input section

The OPERA series also offers maximum flexibility on the connection side. The input is switchable in the sensitivity between line and microphone level and offers a sym XLR connector and an unsym. 6.3mm jack input. For looping through the input signal (independent of the volume control) an XLR output is available. The integrated "double-wave" limiter reliably protects the system against overloading and allows safe operation even at the power limit. The use of the limiter is signaled by a rear red LED.


  • 12" dB tech. high-power woofer
  • 1" B & C pressure chamber driver -
  • RMS power: 200 + 50 watts
  • Music power: 400 + 100 watts
  • Sound pressure: 126 dB SPL max.
  • Frequency response: 50-20,000 Hz
  • Beam angle: 90 ° x60 °
  • Dimensions: 440x700x320 mm (17.32" x 27.56" x 12.60" )
  • Weight: 20 kg

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