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From the Manufacturer Boston Acoustics has taken sound technology to a whole new level with the introduction of its innovative and space-saving Boston Acoustics SoundWare Great Sound Anywhere Speakers. This all-purpose two-way SoundWare indoor/outdoor speaker offers an unprecedented range of easy and flexible mounting options, and makes it possible to enjoy high-performance audio in all situations. It is ideal for use in restaurants, retail stores, homes, smaller apartments and even by outdoor entertainers. SoundWare speakers are a unique combination of sonic performance, space efficiency and application flexibility.

Enjoy Loudspeakers that Blend In

SoundWare speakers are designed to literally disappear into a surrounding décor if desired. Thanks to its unique shape and one-of-a-kind internal mounting bracket, a SoundWare speaker can be placed virtually anywhere - flush in a corner, flat on a wall, flat on a table or angled up 30 or 45 degrees on a flat surface. The two included brackets mount the speaker just 1 cm from any flat surface or flush in a corner. When mounted flush on a wall, the speaker can be articulated down or sideways to provide the ideal sonic angle.

Make It Stand Out with "Paint-Ready" Surfaces and Multiple Color Options

For consumers who want to customize the look of their SoundWare speakers to stand out or complement the décor of any environment, they feature paint-ready cabinet surfaces. All SoundWare grilles and enclosures take paint coverage easily and fully. 

High Performance and Quality Materials for Great Sound Anywhere

SoundWare is compact, high performance audio that redefines the word "versatile". With a unique polyhedron shape, and highly-articulated mounting brackets, SoundWare is designed to fit anywhere music needs to be. Each SoundWare loudspeaker features a 4 1/2 inch driver and a powerful 3/4 inch tweeter built into the high-tech plastic cabinet. Built from durable weather resistant materials, SoundWare offers a new level of space efficiency and placement flexibility for either indoor or outdoor soundscaping.

For commercial applications there is a "Safety bar" on one of the speaker surfaces allowing for secondary independent security mounting if desired.

Made of weather-resistant materials, SoundWare is built to withstand everything from scattered showers to tropical depressions and anything else Mother Nature is likely to throw at them. They can be installed into a corner, on the middle of a wall, where the wall meets the ceiling, outdoors and under eaves minimizing their visibility, or even behind a couch facing straight up for total invisibility as a great surround sound speaker.

  • Product Dimensions : 
    • 20.78 x 25.81 x 25.81 cm;
    • 2.22 Kilograms

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