Behringer ST2600 Compact 60W 6.5" Ceiling Loudspeaker Assembly (White)

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Offering impressive aesthetics and premium-grade sound, the white ST2600 Compact 60W 6.5" Ceiling Loudspeaker Assembly from Behringer features a proprietary range of concentric drivers that deliver broad frequency response and ultra-wide dispersion. Manufactured to rigorous quality control standards, this loudspeaker pair offers performance, style, and value, and is suited for applications where high quality is required. The impressive performance and design of this ST2600 loudspeaker makes it the obvious choice for conference rooms and restaurants, as well as high-capacity rooms typically found in places of worship, hotels, casinos, and more. Its robust design and feature set provide high power-handling and wide dispersion in a versatile, ceiling-mount package.

This in-ceiling type loudspeaker comes with a 6.5" (165.1mm) low-frequency transducer, a waveguide-mounted 0.75" (19mm) high-frequency transducer, and an internal crossover installed in a ported enclosure. The HF transducer delivers clear, balanced treble response with 150° dispersion, preventing dead spots between speaker locations, often reducing the number of speakers required for large projects. Also, the system’s voltage/Ω selector switch facilitates the use of a low- or high-impedance amplifier. Additionally, a built-in high-pass filter allows it to be deployed in subwoofer-equipped systems without external crossovers.

The system comes with a backing plate to reinforce the ceiling material plus tile support rails for 2 x 4’ (609.6 x 1,219.2mm) suspended ceiling tiles, all to be installable from beneath the ceiling tile. It also features an enclosed terminal box and strain relief for use with either plenum-rated wire, 0.5" (12.7mm) inside diameter conduit, or flexible conduit up to 0.75" (19mm) in outside diameter. External wiring is also accomplished via a removable lockable wiring connector with screw-down terminals to provide both secure wire termination and pre-wiring capability. Furthermore, secondary cabling is provided to the building structure is also provided via an attachment loop on the back panel.

  • Ceiling-mount blind fit loudspeaker assembly designed for high-quality foreground music & AV playback
  • Impressive sound quality with wide frequency bandwidth and uniform dispersion
  • 60W, 6.5" (165.1mm) low-frequency driver mounted in a ported reflex enclosure provides good bass response
  • Coaxially mounted 0.75" (19mm), high-frequency transducer with waveguide delivers ultra-wide 150° nominal dispersion
  • User-switchable, high-pass filter enables deployment with subwoofers
  • Professional 4-pole Euroblock connector
  • Compact 8" (203.2mm) depth zinc-coated steel back-can with seismic restraint tab
  • Loudspeakers packed in pair with the included Split C ring and steel tile bridge support channels
  • Detachable black powder-coated steel grille compliments any decor
  • UL1480 and UL2043 rated and compliant with all applicable safety codes
Frequency Range At -10 dB: 75 Hz to 20 kHz
Frequency Response At -3 dB: 85 Hz to 20 kHz
Power Handling 60 W (pink noise)
Maximum Power Handling 120 W
Sensitivity 89 dB, 1 W at 3.2' (1.0 m), 1/2 space
Measured: 87 dB -SPL at 3.2' (1.0 m) with 2.83 V input, averaged from 100 Hz to 10 kHz
Dispersion Nominal: 150° (polar conical coverage area)
Directivity Q: 8.1 averaged 500 Hz to 4 kHz
DI: 7.7 averaged 500 Hz to 4 kHz
Usable Frequency Range 75 Hz to 20 kHz (10 dB below rated sensitivity in half-space with no external equalization
Crossover Frequency 2.5 kHz
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
SPL Low Impedance: 107 dB at 3.2' (1.0 m / maximum)
Transformer Taps 60 W at 70 V
30 W at 70 V (60 W at 100 V)
15 W at 70 V (30 W at 100 V)
7.5 W at 70 V (15 W at 100 V)
Transducer Low-Frequency Driver: 6.5"
High-Frequency Driver: 0.75"
Construction Baffle: Plastic
Back Can: Steel
Termination 4-pole Euroblock
Outside Diameter 10.3" (261.6 mm)
Inside Depth 7.7" (195.5 mm)
Cut-Out Size 9.3" (236.2 mm)
Weight 7.1 lb (3.2 kg)
Packaging Info
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 26.7 x 14.5 x 13.3"

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