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The Eurocom SN2108 80-Watt Mixer and Amplifier with 70-Volt Output from Behringer is a multi-function mixer and transformerless Class-D amplifier designed to be used for continuous operation in distributed music, paging, and AV applications. It can be used in retail, hospitality, office, medical, educational and industrial settings. It features three 1/4" TRS inputs that accept both balanced and unbalanced signals. It additionally has dual stereo summed RCA auxiliary inputs that can provide playback from external sources such as CD or MP3 players, radios, or television tuners. The unit has a 70-volt, two-position terminal strip speaker output.

The SN2108 has voice-activated music muting that automatically ducks background music when it senses microphone activity. It features independent DC and thermal overload protection as well as a built-in automatic limiter to prevent overload, clipping, and distortion. A switch-mode power supply is included to increase its energy efficiency.

Front Panel Controls

The front panel features input gain control knobs for all five inputs as well as high and low EQ knobs and a master volume knob. The master volume knob is surrounded by indicator ring that displays power and clipping

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