Behringer EUROCOM SL4240 8" Compact Surface-Mounted 100W Loudspeaker - Black

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The black EUROCOM SL4240 8” Compact Surface-Mounted 100W Loudspeaker from Behringer is a professional high-performance loudspeaker system that is designed for a wide variety of interior fixed-installation applications involving foreground music, AV playback, or distributed sound reinforcement. Part of the SL series of surface-mount loudspeakers, this unit delivers studio-grade sound in a compact package that fits easily and unobtrusively into limited space.

The compact SL4240 Loudspeaker features a 8" (150mm) low-frequency driver and a 1" (25mm) high-frequency driver, with a nominal impedance of 16Ω and a switchable selector for use in either low or high-impedance mode. Power taps are provided for high-impedance operation at 7.5, 15, 30, or 60W for 70V systems and 15, 30, or 60W for 100V systems. For versatility, a high-pass filter is provided to enable satellite operation mode, making the SL4240 Loudspeaker suitable for use as a satellite speaker in conjunction with the SL4240 Subwoofer (available separately).

Housed in a ported enclosure of low-resonance molded composite, the SL4240 Loudspeaker leaves behind the boxy shape of traditional surface mount speakers. The front face is finished with a detachable foam-backed wire-mesh steel grille trimmed with an elegant smoked-chrome rim. The SL Series mounting yoke (included) offers 180° pan & 90° tilt, allowing for optimum loudspeaker aiming.

Combining performance and versatility, the compact EUROCOM SL4240 Loudspeaker is an appropriate choice for virtually any surface-mounted installation requiring high-quality sound and aesthetic appearance.

High-performance, surface-mountable loudspeaker for foreground music, AV playback, and distributed sound
Quality sound with wide frequency bandwidth and uniform dispersion
100W, 8" low-frequency transducer provides wide frequency response
1" high-frequency transducer with conical waveguide delivers 120° dispersion for maximum coverage
Switchable full-range and high-pass satellite operation modes for maximum versatility
Professional 4-pole Euroblock connector
70.7V taps @ 7.5, 15, 30 & 60W; 100V taps @ 15, 30, & 60W
16Ω transformer bypass mode allows up to 4 units to be powered from any 4Ω amplifier
Contemporary composite enclosure for low-resonance performance
Included dual-axis mounting hardware provides 90° vertical and 180° horizontal alignment
Detachable black powder-coated steel grille and contemporary aesthetics compliment virtually any decor
Weather-resistant design for use indoors or in protected outdoor areas
High-quality components and rugged construction ensure long life

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