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VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P from Behringer is a multi-effects unit housed in a single rack space chassis. Aside from providing reverbs, the unit features powerful modulation, amp simulation, distortion and special effects as well as effective dynamic and psychoacoustics processing and equalization.

True stereo processing is available with most algorithms with up to seven adjustable parameters and high and low EQ. Additionally, eleven serial or parallel effect combinations are available along with an improved user interface. The VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P sports 24-bit over-sampling converters that will not compromise the sonic quality of the program material.

Seventy-One Algorithms

Virtual Room reverb algorithms as well as several modulation and special effects including ring modulator, lo-fi, vinylizer and voice canceller. Plus numerous additional dynamic and psychoacoustics processing algorithms, distortions, amp and tube simulations, sampler, vocoder and much more.

Eleven Effect Combinations

Modulation effects like chorus, flanger, pitch or tremolo combined with reverb or delay algorithms.

Enhanced User Editability

Allows for editing up to seven parameters per preset, providing extra power to customize effect settings. In addition, each preset offers an additional high and low EQ section. The 100 factory presets can be utilized as-is or serve as a basis for user creations, storable in additional 100 memory locations.

User Interface

Logical grouping of parameters, along with the combination of encoders, buttons, LEDs and an easily readable LED display, make operating the unit a breeze.
Effects Type Multi
Channels 2
Effect Variations 71
Presets 100
User Memory 100 patches
Inputs 2 x XLR
2 x 1/4" TRS phone
Output 2 x XLR
2 x 1/4" TRS phone
AD/DA Conversion 24-bit Sigma-Delta, 64/128x oversampling
MIDI In, Out and Thru
External Storage Sys-Ex
Display 4-digit, 14 segment alpha-numeric LED-display
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz, +/- 3dB
Dynamic Range Not specified by manufacturer
Noise SNR: 91dB, unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz
Dimensions 19" x 8" x 1 3/4"
Weight 4.4 lbs
Specialties True stereo processing for realistic channel separation in stereo image

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