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The DEQ2496 is a highprecision digital 24-bit/ 96 kHz EQ/RTA mastering processor, ideal for sophisticated live sound trouble-shooting or audiophile mastering. Whether youre putting the finishing touches on recorded material or creating an optimal live sound for a multi-way PA, the DEQ2496 is built to provide meticulous control.

Dual 31-band Graphic Equalizers (stereo linkable)
Dual 31-band Virtual Paragraphic Equalizers (stereo linkable)
Dual 10-band Parametric EQs per stereo side
Dynamically-activated EQ
Feedback Destroyer with Learning Mode
Stereo Imager
Digital Delay
RTA/SPL/FFT Analyzer with Auto EQ function

Dual 31-band Graphic Equalizers, 31-band Virtual Paragraphic Equalizers and 10-band Parametric.
Naturally the DEQ2496 has phase-neutral digital graphic EQbut in addition weve added a function that allows you to change the bandwidth of each frequency from standard 1/3 to as much as 59/3.

Or, if you prefer the old-school approach to variable bandwidth, weve included 10-band parametrics that can be fine-tuned in increments down to 1/60 of an octave.

Dynamically-activated EQ
Dynamic EQ automatically raises or lowers a defined frequency range based on volume level. Its literally a combination of an equalizer (with frequency center and bandwidth controls) and a dynamics processor (with ATTACK, RELEASE, THRESHOLD and RATIO parameters).

DEQ opens up a world of both creative mastering and PA problem solving possibilities. Weve given you total control with multiple filter types including bandpass mode. And of course you can store DEQ settings for recall at any time manually or via MIDI.

Feedback Destroyer with Learning Mode
With the digital capabilities weve just listed, its easy to see why we were able to include a highly-effective Feedback Destroyer (FBD) feature its essentially a dynamicallyactivated parametric EQ that watches the whole frequency spectrum in 160-octave bands and then instantly identifies and notches out feedback. FBD can be run in AUTO mode to compensate for movements of performers on stage, or in SNGLE mode that locks onto individual frequencies and then varies the amount of attenuation and bandwidth depending on feedback stimulus more suited to fixed microphone installations.

We also included a LEARN mode that generates short audio pulses, raises their gain until feedback occurs and then locks into potential troublecausing band centers.

Stereo Imager (WIDTH).
While usually considered a mastering technique, the ability to widen the stereo image can be useful in live sound work, too. When you hear it in action, we think you and your audience will be impressed.

The DEQ2496 WIDTH processor provides control over STEREOWIDTH (how clearly the two sides of the stereo image are separated from each other), ASYMMETRY (relative volume of left/right stereo signal), ROTATION (panning of stereo + mono in the stereo image), and a multipart SHUFFLE function than can generate an additional low-frequency Stereowidth effect.

Compressor/Expander and Limiter
The DEQ2496 has a comprehensive set of dynamics processing tools that can be used as two independent channels or stereo linked.

Everything youd find on a dedicated compressor/ expander is here including variable rations from 1:1.1 to 1:100, ATTACK times from 0 to 200ms, 0-3dB variable knee and 20 to 4000ms RELEASE, all adjustable from a coarse/fine adjustment scale. The built-in separate LIMITER has Threshold, Hold and Release functions.

Digital Delay
You can delay either the DEQ2496s Main or AUX outputs anywhere from 0 to 300ms and can process left and right channels independently.

Not only can you specify time delay in feet or meters but simultaneously compensate for ambient temperature which affects sound speed!

RTA/SPL/FFT Analyzer with Auto EQ function
The DEQ2496 features an FFT real time analyzer for precise graphic display of 61 frequency bands. You can monitor main or digital inputs and outputs, AUX/ digital out or a feed from an RTA microphone and display the results in a multitude of ways including funky retro VU meters. You get all of the usual peak/hold, display rate and scale features you would expect from a professional measurement tool, plus our user-definable AEQ (Auto EQ function), which allows you to analyze and adjust your systems frequency response automatically (perfect for roughing out initial room adjustments).

In Graphic EQ mode, you can choose between UNCORRECTED response, which shows the mutual influence of adjacent bands, or select TRUE response to apply a specially developed algorithm that displays the actual results of the equalizer setting.

You can maintain up to 64 comprehensive user presets at a time and of course dump and load as needed. You can also save and recall individual modules such as DEQ, PEQ, WIDTH or DYN. These subsets of complete presets let you maintain most of a presets settings but vary a few (such as graphic EQ) without having to generate a whole new preset.

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