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The Aphex 109 is a dual-mono tube-based parametric equalizer featuring 4 frequency bands, Aphex's proprietary TubeEssence technology and a distinctive mode of operating the unit.

The Model 109 Equalizer with the exclusive Aphex Tubessence® circuit “sweetens” up your tracks while offering comprehensive tone control. The uniquely designed Model 109 can be either a MONO 4 BAND Equalizer or a DUAL 2 BAND Equalizer for both peak and shelving equalization of the entire audio spectrum; 20Hz to 20kHz. Each band provides variable boost/cut (±15dB), variable frequency (20Hz – 2kHz or 200Hz – 20kHz ) and variable bandwidth (1/5 octave to 2 octaves) control. The Model 109 can be used for a combination of applications including gentle frequency response shaping and notching of specific frequencies, like 60Hz hum.

The Model 109 is the third Aphex product to incorporate the patented Tubessence® circuit which provides true vacuum tube circuitry and sound without transformers, high heat, short life, fragility, and sonic variability found in traditional tube designs. Due to the added “sweetness” of Tubessence, you will never hear an equalizer sound like the Model 109. Operating the unit in the EQ flat mode (calibrated center detent) allows the signal to pass through the Tubessence vacuum tube stage without any gain change, providing you with a great Tube Processor. This feature proves helpful for digital users who wish to “warm-up” their digital signals.

In a class by itself, the Model 109 has the flexibility to switch between MONO 4 BAND (1x4) and DUAL 2 BAND (2x2) operation. The Model 109 offers 4 band control when you really need to address complex equalization issues, yet it can also provide 2 channels of equalization (2 bands each) when more general equalization is required. For even more control, a switch is provided for selection of either peak/dip or shelving on all four bands!

Key Features

  • Two operating modes; MONO 4 BAND (1 x 4) or DUAL 2 BAND (2 x 2)
  • A true tube circuit (Tubessence) in the output stage for a “warm”, “sweet” and “rich” sound
  • Calibrated center detented Input and Boost/Cut potentiometers allow precise setting of unity gain
  • 15dB of Boost or Cut in each band
  • Peak / Shelf switch on each band
  • Use as a stand alone Tube Processor
  • Overlapping frequency controls allow adjustment from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • 1/5 octave to 2 octave bandwidth adjustment
  • -10dBV / +4dBu switch for optimizing signal to noise performance for either operating level.

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