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Performance Harmony and Vocal Effects Stompbox for Singing Guitarists
Kick Your Voice Into High Gear

VoiceTone Harmony-G XT was built to make your voice rock with quality TC HELICON harmonies and vocal effects. We’ve packed it full of groundbreaking effects from our popular VoiceLive® series of processors. With several harmony choices, doubling effects, reverb, pitch correction, Tone control and A/B switching between effects, Harmony-G XT is set to be your ultimate performance weapon

Stunning Harmonies Made Easy

Harmony-G XT listens to your performance and decides which harmony notes sound best with your song. No special guitar pickups, pre-programming, or extensive musical knowledge is required. Just plug in and select between 3rds and 5ths above and below, octave up and down, and the unique Bass interval. You can even use harmonies without guitar by setting Key & Scale

The Vocal Effects You Need

We’ve included the front-of-house quality reverb algorithm and selection of styles from our VoiceLive® series. There’s also four overdub-style doubling effects with two more doubling voices available. Be sure to try out µmod, pitch correction and the presets we’ve loaded up for you. Your Guitar signal can be mixed in to share reverb or passed through to separate amplifier.

  • 2 switch stompbox for singing guitarists with harmony and performance-grade vocal effects

  • Adds 1 or 2 voices of realistic vocal harmony set manually or directed by your guitar

  • Quickly create pro studio quality vocals with a selection of effects: reverb, doubling, micromod and delay

  • Simple standing switch controls to easily cycle through configurable presets and an A and B effect in each

  • Precise mix controls for guitar, vocal effects and harmony

  • Tone button for perfect EQ, compression, de-essing and gating

  • Effortless auto-chromatic pitch correction helps you sing in tune

  • High-quality, low-noise mic preamp for pristine vocals

  • XLR mic level input and output in stereo or mono

  • Use with your guitar amp or with onboard effects

  • Compatible with remote Mic Control using the TC Helicon MP-76 or MP-75 microphones

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